How Meditation Builds Muscle

A young bodybuilder made his way from his one room apartment on Venice Blvd toward the boardwalk on Venice Beach.


He lived so close that he could hear the waves of the pacific ocean from his bedroom window each morning as he woke, and each night as he prepared for sleep.


After a ritualistic morning walk along the beach, the young bodybuilder would fill his hungry belly with lemon water as he prepared his breakfast. A contest was close, so breakfast was minimal. 4 whole eggs, some coffee, and a fist full of vitamins.


Walking to the gym was a leisurely 5 minute stroll. Time to focus his mind, and mentally plan the workout. Nothing in his hands, nothing on his mind but the goal in front of him. Building the best body on the planet.


Arriving at the gym, he is welcomed by a group of friendly faces. His friends are also his biggest fans and greatest support network.

During the workout, the sets are all business, and time between sets is spent posing, or encouraging the other athletes who put every ounce of effort into their one true passion, bodybuilding.


Seeing the muscle work, how it worked, and gauging day to day progress was a vital part of mastering the process, so looking around the gym, its a sea of string tank tops and bicycle shorts.

Every man and woman in there dreams of being built like a comic book hero, and they all bonded over this common desire.

Workouts are 2 hours of gruelling, sweat filled, grunt sessions. Each set focused on flexing, posing, and challenging each muscle to its max.


Every person left the gym completely spent.


After the gym, it is time for a quick shower then off to rest in the warm sand of Venice beach. Laying in the bright sun was a big part of daily life.


Muscles look best when tanned so up to 4 hours a day are spent relaxing in the sun each day.


After the first beach session, it was time to eat and prepare to train for a second time.

The second workout was focused on developing smaller body parts, and things that needed extra work. Like Arms, Delts, Abs, calves, and posing.


Once training was complete, there was still time to soak in one last hour of glorious recovery-promoting sunlight.


Dinner was often the biggest meal of the day to fuel tomorrows two training sessions and it was a great time to connect with friends and be social before retiring to bed around 9pm.

This is the daily routine of every bodybuilder in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. No of cell phones, social media, cars, businesses, and any stress.

The morning sunshine, connecting with nature at the beach, resting after training (before eating) allowed these men and women to maximize their muscle growth and progress.
They were doing everything that could to ensure their body was calm, recovering perfectly, and prepared to build muscle.


Bodybuilders today think of it as a badge of honour to wake up early, grind, and sleep less. And its crushing your gains.


Unfortunately we dont all have access to a beach, but thankfully you can accomplish a similar result by taking time to meditate and breathe after training.


Breathing stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest and Digest System) and the Vagus Nerve to calm down the organs.

The beach has the unique benefit of changing our bodies Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) to bring it back to its original state matching the earth, which will accelerate recovery and growth. Model this by connecting with nature. Get outside, breathe, lay in the grass, or do some gardening.

To many of you, this sounds like the furthest thing from good muscle building info, but this could be more important than 90% of the strategies youre currently implementing by working to optimize digestion, and accelerate recovery more than any supplement ever could.  


  • Your lifestyle will be even more of a predictor of your development than your genetics.
  • Stress will kill any chance you have of building muscle
  • Connecting with nature is an essential part of our biology. Do it daily
  • Get outside every morning and get the sun on your face between 9-noon.
  • Sleep 8 hours straight per night
  • Do not eat immediately after training. Wait minimum 30 minutes or your digestion will suffer.
  • Food is secondary to the internal state your body and mind is in for optimizing recovery.

After these are mastered, the next step is taking complete control of your training stimulus by making sure that no reps are wasted, and each is laser-focused tension on the target muscles.

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